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Check out our Float Trip Special and reserve your spot today!

Take a Special Float Trip with us during prime time fishing hours on the Tuckasegee River, we maximize your time with only floating the best hours for fishing.  Trips last from 5-6 hours depending on fishing season and optimal weather conditions for the day.

The Tuckaseegee River is a fantastic western sized river that offers plenty of diversity in fishing options. With numerous fish species and special Delayed Harvest regulations by the state, the Tuckasegee River is a complete year around fishery.


From October to June the Tuckasegee offers a Catch and Release Delayed Harvest section of river that is roughly 8 miles long and is stocked full of Brook, Brown and Rainbow Trout, with an average of 12,ooo trout per mile!! With numbers like this you’re sure to have the time of your life! You’ll have the chance to score a Tuckasegee Grand Slam as you cast your fly to Brown Trout, Rainbow, Trout and Brook Trout. The winter months are some of the best times to be out on the water, so don’t let the cold weather fool you, we are fishing and floating this river everyday during the winter months.

From April though October the lower sections of the Tuckasiegee River offer some of the best fishing in the state for Smallmouth Bass. Anglers fishing this river have caught Smallmouth Bass topping 6 lbs this summer. You’ll also catch Walleye, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Carp, and the occasional Muskie. Fly Fishing the lower Tuckasegee River offers solitude from other anglers and river users, there are many days that you’ll never see another person on the river. You will see the locals however, local wildlife that is, such as River Otters, Great Blue Heron, Mink, Muskrat, Black Bear, Deer, and the occasional Bald Eagle.
Fish places such as Cadillac Hole, Muskie Corner, Smallie Hole, Frog Pond, The Gauntlet, Tressel Hole, Govenor’s Island, and Blue Herron Run.

We have guided more trips down the “Tuck” as the locals call it, than any other outfitter around here. Head guide Eugene Shuler grew up on the banks of the Tuckasegee River, and knows it like the back of his hand, to date he has guided more than 1000 Float Trips down the Tuckasegee River, more than any other guide or outfitter in the area.

Call us today to book your Float Trip on the Tucakasegee River, or just click the Book Online tab to the right of the page.

(828)-488-7665 or email guides@flyfishingthesmokies.net We’ll be happy to get your trip booked and answer any questions you may have.

* Special Float Trips include all tackle, rods, reels, waders, boots, flies etc.  plus drinks and snacks.



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