Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Our passion is guiding anglers into the far reaches of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Smokies are one of the most beautiful National Parks in America, which also makes it the most visited park in the country, easily eclipsing Yellowstone. The Smokies offer over 2,100 miles of streams that are teeming with trout. Anglers fishing with us can expect to cast a fly to Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout. Brook Trout are commonly referred to around these parts as “Speckled Trout”. Many of the wild trout inside the Smokie’s boundaries retain their parr markings all their lives, we mountain folk refer to the trout’s parr marks as “God’s Fingerprints”, and once you catch one of the mountain treasures and see how colorful they are you’ll understand why, nothing made by man’s hands can be so beautiful.

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One of the great things about the Smokies is how easy you can access many of the streams inside the park boundary. Vast trail systems and roadways left behind by the folks who first settled these mountains make traveling to many destinations virtually a snap. But if getting really deep back in the park is your “thang”, then we can certainly accommodate you. We specialize in guiding anglers deep into the back country, and have led many groups of anglers to some of the most remote places inside the park. Horace Kephart summed it up nicely when he penned one of his most famous quotes about the park, referring to the back country as “the back of beyond”. We couldn’t agree more. Some of our favorite places to guide and fish are Deep Creek, Hazel Creek, Little River, Abrams Creek, Noland Creek, Walker Camp Prong, Beech Flats, Kephart, and Straight Fork. There are many more streams to fish in the Smokies, the list is quiet extensive, with everything from major watersheds to the tiny tributaries in between, there is plenty of water to fish and many places that one can find solitude.