Fly Fishing and Kids

Looking for adventure for the whole family? Why not surround them with the wonders of the Smoky Mountains and take them Fly Fishing? Fly Fishing is easy to learn, great fun, and memorbale way to explore the mountains and streams.


We pride ourselves on being one of very few Fly Fishing Outfitters in the country who teach children to fly fish. Being fathers ourselves helps alot with teaching children to fly fish, we understand short attention spans and tangled lines. We also understand that adult sized gear doesn’t always fit the smaller hands of children. We have rods, and waders perfectly sized for little hands and feet!


Some of the best memories from childhood are times spent in the outdoors with parents and loved ones! Create memories that will last a lifetime and take your kids fishing on your next vacation!


We don’t have an age requirement, however most kids are able to start fly fishing as young as  5-6yrs old!  So don’t wait until the teenage years to get them started, you may be surprised at how well they pick up on fly fishing and start out fishing you!

We are also licensed to guide Boy Scout Troops for their Fly Fishing Merit Badges!